We’ve Been Nominated for the Philippine Blogging Awards!

By project iloilo

Election season has already begun in parts of Iloilo, and we at Project Iloilo would also like to ask for your votes—not for political office (thank goodness), but for something even better: we’ve been nominated to compete in this year’s Philippine Blogging Awards!

#bloggys2015 is a nationwide event that aims to recognize the best Filipino blogs and bloggers, and we’ve successfully made it to the voting stage that takes place until the 31st of October!

To be recognized by orgs outside of #Iloilo is very awesome for us, but it will even be AWESOME-ER if you could help us get to the final stages! You can vote for us at this link: http://bloggys.ph/section-4/

Iloilo has a bustling culture that the world needs to know more about, and we believe this is what Project Iloilo has always stood for. Let ’em show that Iloilo now has a Little Website That Could by voting for us in our nominated category! Share this post with your fellow Ilonggos! Make sabad to your friends, if possible! Every ounce of support counts for us, and we’ll keep rewarding you with pieces that help showcase what the REAL Iloilo is all about!

Thank you for reading and, once again, we are Project Iloilo: Documenting Culture, Sharing Culture, Creating Culture.

P.S. Make sure you get a confirmation saying “Thank you for voting” so your vote is counted (see screenshot below). The Bloggys website is still ironing out some kinks so it might take a few tries, unfortunately. Thank you for your patience.

#bloggys2015 Philippine Blog Awards Nomination - Project Iloilo