Study Says 94.7% of Ilonggos are ‘Ilintuon’: What This Means For You

By project iloilo

Well, it means you clicked on the article, and (we hoped) you actually read it. So, pat yourselves on the back for being such diligent readers!

If we’re not making it obvious enough: Happy April Fools’ Day!

And before someone else says it: no, this isn’t supposed to be a commentary on this year’s elections, or how we should be more vigilant in sifting through all the propaganda to vote for the political candidates who deserve to lead us. But hey, if that’s what you came up with, then all the better!

So, if you’re still reading up to this point and want to get even with us that doesn’t involve spamming us with threatening posts, here’s what we suggest you do: do NOT comment on this article. Instead, share this “story” through your personal social media feeds and see what your friends have to say about this this! Just think about it as something akin to paying it forward!

Got it? We know you do.