Resto Hopping: Horizon Cafe

By sheeber joyce

Hola, non-acrophobics! There’s this contemporary restaurant in Iloilo City which is located on the 21st floor of the Injap Tower, the tallest building in the city, and it’s called Horizon Cafe. Owing to my preference for a seat by the window, the view from the top is like being on cloud nine.

Horizon Cafe - Project Iloilo

It’s a Singaporean Restaurant. With freedom, I picked food items off their menu at random. Their garlic pork is blasting with that distinct smell of cloves. Très délicieux! For some fiber, I had vegetables in oyster sauce—sweet, crunchy and hearty. I have a thing for carbonara and I’ve been comparing this dish from one restaurant to another; I am rating theirs 6 on a scale of 0-10. To top my major munch, I had chendol for sweets, the popular green jelly in coconut milk dessert in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Horizon Cafe - Project Iloilo

The dining space inside Horizon Cafe is wide, and it is populated with a diverse set of diners are diverse. It’s the kind of place where you don’t eat elbow-to-elbow with other guests. The waiters and waitresses deserve big A’s; the quality of service is exemplary.

Horizon Cafe - Project Iloilo

When you look down, it’s like having an apical panorama of the entire city at night. I have to go back there on a day time.