Project Iloilo Episodes S01E06: FM Radio

By project iloilo

Hey, we’re not saying FM radio is dead now. But you have to admit it’s slowly losing its relevance to—ahem—“millennials” like us (and yes, your panel are still in that age range, mind you). So, what better way to ask ourselves why this is happening now—and if even there’s some way to fix it—than by tackling said subject in this week’s podcast?

And of course, we also reminisce about the culture that was created precisely because of FM radio, from phoning in song requests via landline to making mixtapes out of recorded songs and everything in between! Even if you’re too young to understand the #STRUGGLE, we’re hoping you’ll enjoy the short chit-chat!

Joseph, Asai

Aftersyx: The Rebirth of Ilonggo Pirate Radio
National Public Radio
Song of the Week: “Tagay Palibota” by Eunoia

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