Project Iloilo Episodes S01E02: (Street) Food Trip

By project iloilo

Everyone who’s ever lived or gone through Iloilo City knows that the place
just oozes food, and nothing proves it more than its hidden street food culture. Really, if there’s any evidence that Ilonggos are
foodies by nature, all you have to do is to go outside and make a beeline for the nearest inasalan. Yes, that’s how serious we take our food here.

Thankfully, Ilonggo street food has loads more than just balut and barbequed chicken parts! This episode attempts to tackle what makes
street food authentically taste like… well, something from the “street”, we guess! Check it!


Joseph, Asai, Jay An

Ilonggo Bucket List: Valeria Street Food
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Song of the Week: “Interdimensional” by 85Filter

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