Photo by Xtian Lozañes

Project Iloilo Episodes S01E01: City of Love

By project iloilo

Welcome to the first episode of PIE! And we’ll start off with a question that perhaps bothered anyone who has ever lived or visited Iloilo City before: why is Iloilo called the ‘City of Love’?

This episode doesn’t promise to have definite answers (SPOILER ALERT: it really doesn’t), but it DOES have lively discussions! Check it out below!


Joseph, Harren, Asai, Jay An

Guest panel:
Kristine Buenavista, Marrz Capanang

“Dear Iloilo” by Anna Slater (live from Urban Baylehan 2016)
Hawid-Panublion’s Facebook page
Marrz Capanang’s official website

Song of the Week: “Gates of Hell” by Surebol

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