One Day, Five Coffeeshops: Iloilo Coffee Crawl

By project iloilo

Coffee is a booming industry in Iloilo right now. It’s hard to deny how many coffee shops have sprouted here during the past few years. And the good thing about it? Many of these coffee shops are locally-owned businesses. If there’s any other industry Iloilo can point at and say to investors that the province is worth the money it’s being poured into, then the coffee industry should be the closest to it.

The beauty of today’s coffee culture in Iloilo is seeing these different coffee houses put their own spins on the product. We actually tried at least one drink from each of the five local coffee shops located in Iloilo: Geronimo’s Café + Bakery, LoCo, Coffee Brewtherhood, House of Ekolife Roastery + Café, and Tinukib Café and Souvenirs.
The catch: we did it all in one day. We feel like we deserve a medal for this.

Also, if you want to shout out your favorite Iloilo coffee brand, you’re more than free to do so at the comments section! Now, let’s get to sipping!