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Now, What to Do About Regent Theater?

joseph batcagan

Next to the Villanueva Building—you know, that “iconic” building in downtown Iloilo that seems to be a favorite among photographers—I argue that the Regent Theater might probably be in the running as one of the more prominent historic structures in Calle Real, if only for the fact that out of the many standalone moviehouses Iloilo.. Read more

TAYM! Gerahay Letra Dos is a Night of Savage Bars

Hermenio Laude, Jr.

A Bike Ride to Remind Ilonggos to be “Dahan-Dahan” on the Road

Jacob Bravo

Creepy Ilonggo Tales: The Whispering Guest

project iloilo

Inspired by our first collection of (supposedly) real creepy stories from our readers, we collaborated with our friends from Creepy Ilonggo to run a series of tales submitted by their readers for the Halloween/Pista Minatay season.     As such, please note that the content and media used in this post is from a story originally.. Read more

Creepy Ilonggo Tales: My Unpleasant Stay

project iloilo

Creepy Ilonggo Tales: Possessed by Evil Spirits

project iloilo

We Went to an Ilonggo Cooking Convention to Stare at Food All-Day

joseph batcagan

“We can now claim that Western Visayas is the food haven of the Philippines.” People already know that Iloilo is the go-to paradise for eats nowadays. But to hear someone to say it out loud? Well, it’s been getting featured on Sunday magazine shows almost every week now, so we might as well own it… Read more

Pagutom: Scenes from ‘Flavors of Western Visayas’

glory moralidad

This Year’s Most Bongga Rally in Iloilo Happened Last Week

Vic Benjamin Lumandog