Introducing… Project Iloilo Episodes

By project iloilo

First of all, thank you for still keeping up with Project Iloilo. Daw mahibi man kami samtang guinasulat ini namon, but it IS true: if no one’s still reading, listening, or watching our stuff, then how else can we even justify the presence of the website itself?

Of course, we’ll be the first to tell you that a year and a half from Project Iloilo’s inception, running the site didn’t get any easier. But then again, that’s the price we decided to take on when we first played around with the idea of creating a website that aimed to capture what makes Iloilo and Ilonggo culture uniquely… err, “Ilonggo”—and we’ve never shied away from featuring both the good (i.e. the “ILOILO IZZZ AWESOME!!!” articles) and the less-desirable aspects of it.

Still, the past year had been defined by milestones: Urban Baylehan, Project Iloilo’s annual anniversary event, was an outlier when it started because it was only one of the few occasions that strongly emphasized homegrown artists and industries, and now there’s not a week that passes by this year where we’re not deluged with all those cool happenings that involve everything from public art exhibits to open market fairs. #Lokal isn’t just a buzzword now; it’s the reality, and it’s awesome.

Another milestone was the airing of Ilonggo Popcast, one of the few, all-Hiligaynon podcasts in the country—heck, probably the entire world—that featured standout creatives in their respective fields. Hey, it’s not for nothing we’re able to have an erstwhile Miss Earth guest on the show, but it certainly set the tone on how the podcast was presented to the audience throughout its half-year run in 2015.

And it’s with this sad note that we have to retire the Ilonggo Popcast name for the meantime. It’s not just a matter of fixing its format; it’s still one that works well, but the scope of the topics the hosts tackled became wider in scope.

In short, the people behind it grew, much as how Project Iloilo itself grew into what it is today. Hey, everyone gets their chances to be adults eventually, you know?

So, it’s with great hype that we’re introducing a new podcast that will take the place of Ilonggo Popcast: Project Iloilo Episodes—also abbreviated into PIE for a cooler sounding name (because Ilonggos like pie… we think? Eh, we’re still running with it!).

It also has a simpler concept this time around: every two weeks, a few individuals from Project Iloilo gather for a short roundtable talk as they grapple with topics and issues that are unique to the Ilonggo experience.

And what can those topics be, you ask? Well, they may be about food, art, places, hugot—as long as it’s something you heard being discussed by a group of friends in some tiyangge or convenience store in Iloilo, then that’s fair game to us! Of course, you can email any topics you want discussed on the show—or even feedback, if you want at [email protected].

The first episode of PIE debuts on June 13 (Monday)! In the meantime, check out a preview at the player below.