Introducing… Ilonggo Popcast

By spencer ravago

Hello Iloilo!

By this time, most of you probably have a good “feel” as to what Project Iloilo is all about. Now, I’d like to introduce you to something that helped push me to make Project Iloilo a reality. That something is Ilonggo Popcast.

What am I blabbering about? Well, Ilonggo Popcast is the brainchild of our own Editor, Joseph Batcagan. If you’re not familiar with podcasting, it’s basically a digital talk radio show with episodes made available online usually through streaming or downloads. Ilonggo Popcast is one of the first podcasts (and probably the only one still running) in Iloilo. Starting out in January of last year, the show focused on Ilonggo arts & culture and featured various guests such as bands, painters, tattoo artists, writers, cosplayers and the best one being myself (I kid! I kid!).

I had the opportunity to be a guest on this podcast to talk about Jump For Your Life—an iOS game my college roommate and I released last year. I quite enjoyed the experience and I was able to hang around during subsequent tapings, even chiming in on the tapings from time to time. That experience and the similar focus triggered me to revisit the idea I had before, which eventually became “the” Project Iloilo that you all know now.

With the creation of Project Iloilo, a similar/overlapping focus and even sharing some of the same crew, we’re relaunching Ilonggo Popcast under the Project Iloilo umbrella. While both are technically still separate entities, I’m proud to include this podcast as part of the Project Iloilo family. We’re branding the previous season as Season 0, and we’re ready to roll out Season 1 this year starting with the first episode on Monday (January 12) with Angelia Gabrena Ong as the featured guest.

Podcasting is really meant to be experienced rather than explained so to get the good feel of what Ilonggo Popcast is all about, check out the archives for Season 0.

Spencer Ravago is the creative director for Project Iloilo.