INFOGRAPHIC: Dinagyang Survival Guide

By project iloilo

Dinagyang is upon us this week! Of course, we at Project Iloilo recognize that not everyone reading this website has been to Dinagyang ever. For an outsider looking in, Dinagyang looks to be both colorful and chaotic—which is exactly the description of every Filipino fiesta, come to think of it. So, amidst all the crazy pageantry you’ve been seeing about the event on the internet so far, what is it about Dinagyang that drives both Ilonggos and tourists alike to flock to small and humble Iloilo City?

The easy answer to the last question? Well, you just have to discover what all the fuss is by yourself, then!

Of course, we know that for Dinagyang newbies, that advice is as good as giving you a motor engine and telling you to steer your banca to Guimaras Island just because. So, just in case the prospect of going to Dinagyang this year daunts you—and make no mistake, that even happens to the hardiest of us Dinagyang vets—then here’s a handy infographic below that the Project Iloilo team had come up with just for this purpose!

Just like last year’s ‘Bulletproof Dinagyang Survival Guide’ (of which a good part of this infographic’s… err, “info” was taken from), consider this as an act of public service from us, and not just because we have any designs of running for public office this year. So, just download this or share this around to your part of the internet, and be content to know that this infographic is made with love from the City of Love. How’s that for a tagline?

So, party safely and responsibly this Dinagyang, and we hope to see you on the streets of Iloilo City this weekend!

Dinagyang Survival Guide - Project Iloilo