Ilonggo Popcast S01E09: Xtian Lozañes

By joseph batcagan

This week’s Ilonggo Popcast is an “introspective” episode since our guest is none other than the dude behind the gorgeous photos you have been seeing in the Project Iloilo stories since day one, Xtian Lozañes! We talk about his early days in the local counterculture scene, the current art scene, and of course, photography. Trust us when we say that his talks in this episode are as good as booking a seminar with him!

On the other hand, this week’s intro features the latest projects from an NGO that you might want to check out (hint: it’s this one), and we’re still accepting submissions for our ‘Song of the Week’ segment! Hope you enjoy this episode!

Photo courtesy of Xtian Lozañes


Joseph Batcagan is the editor and a writer for Project Iloilo.