Photos by Sheeber Joyce

Foodie in Paradise: Amazed by Iloilo Terminal Market

By sheeber joyce

Philippines is fun but living in an archipelago has its drawbacks; you don’t just do the usual drive people in “landlocked” countries take on. We have to either board a plane or take the cheaper option of riding a ferry or a motorized banca just so you can reach another island. Also, the transportation of goods can be difficult. But it is also this “geographical layout” that made Philippines a “paradise” and by paradise, I mean, the availability of seafood everywhere!

If you are a hit-the-grocery type of foodie, visiting Iloilo Terminal Market will leave you dumbfounded by the plenitude of mussels, fish, squid, crab and shrimp all spread wide open right before your eyes like hunger will forever be a hallucination. Vendors, young and old, were all gleaming with business enthusiasm. You hear haggles in every corner to hammer out a good deal, a food shopping norm that can only be found in the wet market.Who doesn’t love discounts, anyway?

Given the right price and the fresh quality, I went home with two, fully-jammed baskets which is every foodie’s dream. The pacing of seafood recipes in my head was flipping at the drop of a hat; mussels braised in ginger puree, steamed crab, garlic shrimp and the list went on but the first kitchen chef d’oeuvre I shared with the family was a plate of squid stuffed with tomatoes and grilled to perfection!