Creepy Ilonggo Tales: The Whispering Guest

Inspired by our first collection of (supposedly) real creepy stories from our readers, we collaborated with our friends from Creepy Ilonggo to run a series of tales submitted by their readers for the Halloween/Pista Minatay season.    

As such, please note that the content and media used in this post is from a story originally featured on the Creepy Ilonggo page that was lightly edited for clarity. We cannot claim to the veracity of the tale featured below.

By: ‘Anonymous’

As someone staying in Iloilo now, I couldn’t help but remember this one hotel I stayed in a few years back that happened to have a “guest” that never checked out.

Of course, I will NOT say the hotel’s name because I don’t want to wreck its reputation. If you want a clue, it’s one of those really well-known old hotels in the city.

Before one of my early solo trips in Iloilo, I booked a room via Agoda. However, upon checking in, I was told by the hotel staff that they received no booking for me, nor did they have any rooms left. I insisted they do something; if not, I’m asking them for a full refund. They then told me to sit down in the lobby as they tried to come up with a solution. About five minutes later, they came back with a key. “Sir, we found you a room,” the manager said. I was happy and relieved. Now, for the juicy part: the room was located at the end of this long dark hallway on the fifth floor. More ominously, it was even padlocked once we got there.

Even before the room attendant completely unlocked the room, I could already smell from the outside like it hasn’t been stayed in ages. Clearly, this room needed renovation. Nevertheless, I was just happy to have a place for the night.

As night came, the whole room felt…different. I felt like someone was watching me at the corner of my room. Scared, I turned the TV on. Two hours later, I decided to call it a night and went to sleep.

I was about to doze off when I suddenly heard a faint voice, “Hehe.” It sounded like a woman’s whisper. Thinking that maybe it came from outside or from the other room, I brushed it off and closed my eyes once more. I could already feel sleep making its way, until… “HEHE!” This time, the whole room echoed with the voice! It was loud and clear, and it was uttered in a teasing tone.

Scared out of my wits, I got out of bed, took my bag, and left the room at 11:30 pm, to be exact. As I got down, I told the people in the reception that there WAS something in that room, and I will NOT stay there. They simply looked at each other and gave a nervous laugh. Unbelievable!

I checked out without hesitation and hailed a cab immediately as I got out the entrance. When I got inside the cab, the taxi driver asked me a question that literally made my hairs stand: “Sir, let me guess, merong multo sa kwarto? [Was there a ghost in the room?]” “Yes! How’d you know?” I asked. “Sir, you were NOT the first one to experience this. In all my years as a taxi driver, you were actually the fifth person to check out in middle of the night due to a ghostly encounter!”