Creepy Ilonggo Tales: My Unpleasant Stay

Inspired by our first collection of (supposedly) real creepy stories from our readers, we collaborated with our friends from Creepy Ilonggo to run a series of tales submitted by their readers for the Halloween/Pista Minatay season.    

As such, please note that the content and media used in this post is from a story originally featured on the Creepy Ilonggo page that was lightly edited for clarity. We cannot claim to the veracity of the tale featured below.

Submitted by: L.T.

One of my personal experiences with the unknown happened in a school dormitory in Iloilo.

It was November 6, 2015, a Friday, when I went to my school outside the city to watch Pabarock, an annual “battle of the bands” event, because someone I know will play. The gig was fun and amazing, but it ended late and I didn’t have anywhere to spend the night. Luckily, one of my friends who studied in the same school as me stays in a dormitory that allowed transient occupants. However, we had to go through a long walk to get there, but I didn’t complain ‘cause I had someone with me, and that was my only choice in terms of lodgings.

As we started walking, he showed me some of the spots in their campus that apparently had ghost sightings and all that crap. What better way to spend a late night walk in school than talk about ghost stories, right? It was already past 12 AM when we got to their dorm, but instead of sleeping, we stayed up talking more about ghost stories on their study area until around 1 AM, at which point my friend offered me to show me to my room.

Girls were not allowed to stay in the boys’ area, so I had to sleep alone in one of the empty rooms in the girls’ area. When we got there, I felt a creepy vibe even by just walking through the hallways. When we got to the room, there was a cursed number (13) on the door of “my” room. Just great.

Room #13 had two double-deck beds but only one mattress, and it was on the bottom bunk of the bed across the door. The room emitted a certain smell that signified it was a long time ago before anyone stayed here. I got in, and my friend made sure that I was comfortable before he left. Not long after, I got my stuff and went to the girls’ common shower room.

Since it was already late, there wasn’t anyone around, so the bathroom looked so creepy to me. I went inside to take a quick bath—the quickest one I had, to this day, because I felt like someone was watching and waiting to grab me or something. Afterwards, I went back to my room and decided to go to sleep. I turned the lights off and got under the covers. The windows on the room occupied a great percentage of the wall, so a sliver of light from outside made its way in, though that also meant the cold was also getting in. I closed my eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

It only felt like a few moments later when I felt that the ceiling fan had turned off, and I felt my bed moving. At first, it felt like someone was nudging my bed, but then it got so strong that I definitely thought it was an earthquake. I opened my eyes and turned to get my phone on the table beside the bed. Then, I realized the table wasn’t moving; it was just my bed. I felt like there was something beside the bed—or, more accurately, like someone is hovering over me. My heartbeat got faster, but I tried not to panic.

With the most minimal head movement I could muster, I glanced up a little to see what the “thing” that hovered over me was, but all I saw was something like a black mist covering my view of the ceiling. I couldn’t make out anything.

The bed felt like it shook more violently now. I tried to stay calm, but I hid under the bed covers, not daring to move or make a sound. I shut my eyes and forced myself to sleep. The bed kept moving, but I was so tired that I eventually fell asleep.

As I woke up the next morning, I immediately gathered my things and didn’t even bother to say goodbye to my friend who just came in the room as I just got out. To this day, I didn’t ask for the name of that dorm, but I’m sure I won’t be sleeping there again.