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Best Moments of Urban Baylehan 2017 (as Seen by Us)

project iloilo

Another year, another Urban Baylehan in the books by Project Iloilo. It’s been a tiring weekend not just for us organizers and volunteers, but also for the venue staff and stallholders who had to “hold the fort” along with us. And of course, we also have to address the very big elephant in the room:.. Read more

Your Yearly Reminder on Why a ‘Bayle’ May Make Things Better

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Introducing… Project Iloilo Episodes

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A Janitor Named “Hudas”

kristine buenavista

There was no hesitation when Pablo Hayacon invited me inside their home. My bare feet felt instantly comfortable with the rough, cemented floor. There were old photos scattered in the dim corners of the house, laminated and framed. Objects owned by members of Pablo’s family—pairs of children’s shoes bought from the ukay-ukay, stacked school notebooks,.. Read more

A Little Thank You…

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We’ve Been Nominated for the Philippine Blogging Awards!

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Luis Batchoy: On Haikus and ‘Walang Forever’

joseph batcagan

“Walang forever.” This is certainly the last line you would ever expect to hear from a multiple-time Palanca awardee for writing, but here it is