4 VERY Ilonggo Qualities of Miriam Defensor-Santiago

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On the morning of September 29, 2016, the whole Nation was in shock over the death of former Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, who lost the battle to stage 4 lung cancer after fighting it for 3 years. Many took to social media since to express their grief, sympathy, and affection for Asia’s Iron Lady. Santiago achieved.. Read more

“I Campaigned for Miriam”: An Ilongga’s Close Encounter with Miriam Defensor-Santiago

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So You Wanna Negosyo?: Stories from Ilonggo Entrepreneurs on the Front Lines

joseph batcagan

8 Reasons NOT to Date An Ilongga

riza ornos

Imagine a city where everyone knows each other. Imagine a place where you can ride bicycles without getting run over by reckless drivers, where you can find the ocean’s bountiful harvest without digging a hole through your pocket, where century-old mansions that were standing since the peak of the sugar and textile industries can take.. Read more

Have Words, Will Xerox: A Brief History of Ilonggo Zines

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The Modern Kerida: Extramarital Affairs in the New Iloilo

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Grow Your Food: An Ilonggo’s Short Guide to Kitchen Gardening

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Planting local herbs and vegetables like basil, malunggay, lemongrass, peppers and the like in family homes and gardens are just one of the perks of provincial life. Despite the urban development of Iloilo City, the local knowledge behind these methods have proven to be easily transmissible to the next generation of Ilonggos. Of course, we.. Read more

Bayan AT Sarili: The New Breed of Ilonggo Entrepreneurs

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Eating Zen: Ibos and The Modern Struggle

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