We Went to an Ilonggo Cooking Convention to Stare at Food All-Day

joseph batcagan

“We can now claim that Western Visayas is the food haven of the Philippines.” People already know that Iloilo is the go-to paradise for eats nowadays. But to hear someone to say it out loud? Well, it’s been getting featured on Sunday magazine shows almost every week now, so we might as well own it… Read more

Pagutom: Scenes from ‘Flavors of Western Visayas’

glory moralidad

You Can Finally Bust a Gut at Vikings Iloilo

Russel Patina

“Authentic” Versus “Gutom”: We Taste-Test Mesa Iloilo’s Best Dishes

martin espino

It was a cold and rainy Monday afternoon as we went inside Mesa Filipino Moderne, a restaurant that, as its name suggests, serves classic Filipino food with a modern flair. As opposed to the harsh weather we just came from, the place was warm and cozy, which seemed appropriate since the interior pays homage to.. Read more

GT Town Center Pavia Opening

Andrea Ortega Guanco

A Forgotten Ilonggo Delicacy is Still Being Made in San Enrique

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One Day, Five Coffeeshops: Iloilo Coffee Crawl

project iloilo

Coffee is a booming industry in Iloilo right now. It’s hard to deny how many coffee shops have sprouted here during the past few years. And the good thing about it? Many of these coffee shops are locally-owned businesses. If there’s any other industry Iloilo can point at and say to investors that the province.. Read more

From Abundance to Scarcity, the ‘Uga’ Tells Iloilo’s Story

Lerie Tan

Chef Tibong Promotes Ilonggo Heritage by Getting You Hungry

joseph batcagan