A Good Friday: Of Saints and Devotion in Molo

xtian lozañes

It was past three in the afternoon when Molo Plaza slowly came to life on a hot Friday. People showed up from all directions, but all of them had a singular goal: to silently walk their way towards Santa Ana Parish. A few vendors, almost on cue, lined up along the plaza to sell stuff.. Read more

San Joaquin’s Pasungay-Pahibag: A Raw Display of Power and Masculinity

martin espino

“Good Syat”: 10 Simple Tips for Shooting The Dinagyang Street Parade

xtian lozañes

INFOGRAPHIC: Dinagyang Survival Guide

project iloilo

Dinagyang is upon us this week! Of course, we at Project Iloilo recognize that not everyone reading this website has been to Dinagyang ever. For an outsider looking in, Dinagyang looks to be both colorful and chaotic—which is exactly the description of every Filipino fiesta, come to think of it. So, amidst all the crazy.. Read more

Project Iloilo’s Christmas Lights Tour

sheeber joyce

Sine Marathon: The Ilonggos’ Primer for CineKasimanwa 2015

xtian lozañes

“Makaon Bala Ina?”: Why ‘Arte sa Kalye’ can Influence “Common Ilonggos” to Appreciate Art

joseph batcagan

“Makaon na bala ina? [Can it be eaten?]” Present art to any Ilonggo you encounter on the street, and this is probably the response you’ll be getting in return. Sure, it’s an unfair generalization, and it’s one that calls to mind deposed president Joseph Estrada’s inaugural “common tao” speech (“roof over their heads, food on.. Read more

The Science of ‘Tapungulay’: The Rise (and Possible Future) of Ilonggo MMA

spencer ravago

Bulls on Parade: Pavia’s Carabao Carroza Festival in Photos

martin espino