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How Pro Wrestling Can Make You a Better Ilonggo

joseph batcagan

Filipinos—if we’re to believe popular notions—can’t appreciate irony. We almost always tend to take something presented to us at face value as “genuine”. Ever wonder why some people in social media nowadays are just content at out-hoaxing each other with even more ridiculous claims? Exactly. This anger at getting fooled unfortunately extends to the one.. Read more

A Good Friday: Of Saints and Devotion in Molo

xtian lozañes

Have Words, Will Xerox: A Brief History of Ilonggo Zines

joseph batcagan

Iloilo City, After Dark

Harren Fegarido

Iloilo city at daytime is in chaos. And it is colorful. Everyday, the streets and sidewalks of Iloilo City are tortured with people going somewhere: you have women and children looking for school uniforms and cheap textiles, lovers looking for gifts, old men watching the same x-rated films in a nearby old theater ad infinitum,.. Read more

Project Iloilo’s Christmas Lights Tour

sheeber joyce

Hablon: For Love of the Weave

jam lebrilla

Taking Care of Business: Calle Real’s Role in Local Commerce

Harren Fegarido

Imagine living in the city during the Spanish-American era, where Ilonggos wore suits and bowler hats while they strolled the dusty street of Calle Real. Businesses like banks, textiles and lending services flourished during that time, but the area also played host to merchandise sellers who sold everything from pins and anchors to suits. It was.. Read more

8 ‘Traditional Medicines’ Ilonggos Grew Up With

sheeber joyce

“Sa Pula”: Modern Iloilo’s Love/Hate Relationship with ‘Sampok’

marl patrick borro