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5 Ilonggo Heroes You Should Look Up On Independence Day

joseph batcagan

Anyone who follows Philippine history knows that Iloilo also has no shortage of national heroes. Unfortunately, we only know a few of them, and the few we do know only get the occasional shoutout, like when we’re celebrating Graciano Lopez Jaena Day, gawking at the brand-new statute of General Martin Delgado at Iloilo Business Park,.. Read more

What Would Iloilo in the 1900s Look Like with the ‘Arellano Plan’?

joseph batcagan

After Closure: An Ilonggo’s Retrospective on “Old” Boracay

Armand Tajanlangit

I Miss What Iloilo Fiestas Used to Be

Allyn May Canja

I never really enjoyed fiestas as a kid. I remember that every fiesta my mother would force me to wear a dress with big bows and tulle bottoms early in the morning and then drag me to the church, where I always felt out of place because I didn’t know the hymns being played. The.. Read more

Ambot 101: A Foreigner’s Survival Guide to Speaking Ilonggo

Joel Roth

Kings of the Road: How Jeepneys can Boost Tourism in Iloilo

vernan jagunap

Tsokolate: Inside Cabatuan’s Handmade Tablea Factory

joseph batcagan

I know it’s getting hard to remember any social good brought about by the modern internet, but bringing back the tablea—and other traditional Filipino products of its ilk—wouldn’t have been possible if many of us weren’t assiduous uploaders of #FoodPorn on our Facebook and Instagram pages. And Ilonggo cuisine, without hyperbole, is a big recipient.. Read more

This Ilonggo-Made Boracay Documentary Confronts our Prejudices on Atis & IPs

joseph batcagan

How Iloilo Titas Dated Back Then

joseph batcagan