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Now, What to Do About Regent Theater?

joseph batcagan

Next to the Villanueva Building—you know, that “iconic” building in downtown Iloilo that seems to be a favorite among photographers—I argue that the Regent Theater might probably be in the running as one of the more prominent historic structures in Calle Real, if only for the fact that out of the many standalone moviehouses Iloilo.. Read more

Iloilo City Guide: Jaro

Patricia Tan

‘Goyo’ is Restrained, but Also Just as #Hugot as ‘Heneral Luna’

hermz gacho

Miagao: A Day Trip

Patricia Tan

Miagao is one of the only two municipalities in the Philippines recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO) as part of its World Heritage Cities. For first-time tourists in Iloilo, this should make Miagao a must-visit on anyone’s travel bucket list. Whether it be a tourist’s destination or as a side-trip.. Read more

5 Ilonggo Heroes You Should Look Up On Independence Day

joseph batcagan

What Would Iloilo in the 1900s Look Like with the ‘Arellano Plan’?

joseph batcagan

After Closure: An Ilonggo’s Retrospective on “Old” Boracay

Armand Tajanlangit

It was the first morning of the closure. As soon as I stepped out of my room and through Boracay Terraces, my family’s resort on Station One since 1986, something felt already different. While I wanted to walk to the other end of the white beach to see how it looked like without the tourists,.. Read more

I Miss What Iloilo Fiestas Used to Be

Allyn May Canja

Ambot 101: A Foreigner’s Survival Guide to Speaking Ilonggo

Joel Roth