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Ilonggo Popcast S01E04: Joey Ayala

joseph batcagan

Joey Ayala gets to guest in this week’s Popcast! We also get to “debut” two contributors from the team for this episode, as well as the

Marketing Culture: Why Iloilo Art Festival 2015 Can Show There’s ‘Art’ in Daily Life 

marc belloni

Momo Dalisay, The HEARTist

kristine buenavista

Ill City Indie Festival 2015: The City of Love Knows How to Be “Aggressive”, Too

dwayne muyuela

During the early 1950’s, American disc jockey, Alan Freed of the “The Moondog House” played

Doodle Jam: The Revolution, as It Happens on Paper

jam lebrilla

CineKasimanwa 2: Film Appreciation for the Everyday Ilonggo

glory moralidad

SketchCrawl Culture: Taking Ilonggo Art Back to the “Streets”

xtian lozañes

Nothing much brings comfort to an artist when he or she is immersed in his or her own world scribbling