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‘Distrito De Molo’ is a Play Set in Molo… but There’s More to That

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For anyone clued in to the current state of Hiligaynon literature, Ilonggo playwright and Professor Emeritus Leoncio P. Deriada’s name is one that should be familiar to many. The 2015 Gawad sa CCP Para sa Sining in Literature awardee will have a new play out this October, and it’s set in a town that anyone.. Read more

Project Iloilo Episodes S01E06: FM Radio

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Project Iloilo Episodes S01E04.5: PechaKucha Mini-episode

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PechaKucha Night Iloilo Vol. 2: Previewing the 7 Ilonggo Presenters

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Ever since Project Iloilo started last year—good god, we’re getting old—one of the statements we made is to not be a “lifestyle pages” clone; we aimed the website to be a platform for “celebrating Ilonggo culture in ALL of its aspects” (and if you somehow missed our launch editorial, you’ve got some major catching-up to.. Read more

Diet of Wormz: How to be an Influential Metal Band in the City of Love

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‘Ginauhaw Ako, Ginagutom Ako’ and our Obsession with “Old” Iloilo

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Sine Marathon: The Ilonggos’ Primer for CineKasimanwa 2015

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CineKasimanwa: The Western Visayas Film Festival is just on its third year, but it has arguably grown bigger and better than before. With an official festival theme boasting “Lokal is International”, Iloilo’s last month of 2015 comes with a promising line-up of locally-made films (most of which were produced just this year) and a few.. Read more

Hablon: For Love of the Weave

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“Makaon Bala Ina?”: Why ‘Arte sa Kalye’ can Influence “Common Ilonggos” to Appreciate Art

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