spencer ravago

Spencer Ravago is the creative director for Project Iloilo.

Articles by Spencer Ravago:

The Right To Abstain, or 4 Reasons Why You DON’T Have to Vote

Finally being able to vote was something I looked forward to when I was younger–a sort of rite of passage, if you will. I was only 17 when I was first eligible to register since I would have turned 18 by the time of the national elections the following year. Despite my excitement about being.. Read more

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The Science of ‘Tapungulay’: The Rise (and Possible Future) of Ilonggo MMA

The local MMA scene in Iloilo has also made great strides over the years with more gyms offering

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Ilonggo Bucket List: Valeria Street Food

Ilonggo Bucket List: Museo Iloilo

I was born and raised here in Iloilo City. Despite this though, I often have this feeling that I haven’t truly had the full Ilonggo experience.

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