riza ornos

Riza Ornos is the Queen Mermaid of EarthingPH and Visionary Nomad of Home of the Lost Soles. She is a true-blooded Ilongga who delights in writing her thoughts on nakedsummernaps.wordpress.com while getting lost on the road.

Articles by Riza Ornos:

#NoFilter: A Mountaineering Guide for the Selfie Generation

This was a time when climbing mountains was not merely for shouting out your ex’s name out loud. This was a time when a mountain bore witness to a camaraderie built on high altitude and not the drunken spectacles of weekenders. This was a time when each climber was conscious about their collective environmental impact.. Read more

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An Ilongga Confesses to 5 Things She Loves about Iloilo City

Iloilo City has been called by many names. Although she delights to be called as the ‘City of Love’, don’t make the mistake of calling it as the “Paris” of Asia. Rather, this is city who prides herself chiefly as the home to 447,992 Ilonggos. A thriving city full of dreamers, Iloilo is a truly.. Read more

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