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Downtown Iloilo Food Crawl

The first Downtown Iloilo Food Crawl organized by the Google Business Group Iloilo community happened last June 30. The event’s aim was to raise awareness among local participants on how they could help small businesses get listed on Google Maps by using their smartphones. The group covered the major streets in downtown Iloilo and documented.. Read more

One Day, Five Coffeeshops: Iloilo Coffee Crawl

ADCON 2018: Thumb-stopping, Heart-winning!

Best Moments of Urban Baylehan 2017 (as Seen by Us)

Another year, another Urban Baylehan in the books by Project Iloilo. It’s been a tiring weekend not just for us organizers and volunteers, but also for the venue staff and stallholders who had to “hold the fort” along with us. And of course, we also have to address the very big elephant in the room:.. Read more

Your Yearly Reminder on Why a ‘Bayle’ May Make Things Better

Project Iloilo Episodes S01E08: What’s an Ilonggo?

Project Iloilo Episodes S01E07: Iloilo Rock Scene (circa 2002 – present)

Yes, we’re now officially exposing our bias for rock music in this week’s episode (while, more depressingly, also outing ourselves as “old”). But then again, how could we not? There were so many good bands back then that Iloilo City was practically Rakista Country during the heydays of rap-metal and emo. For the Gen X-ers.. Read more

Project Iloilo Episodes S01E06: FM Radio

Project Iloilo Episodes S01E05: Responsible Social Media