Lerie Tan spent the last three years studying oysters. Today, she manages Handum Iloilo, a bespoke woodcrafting company, while seeking out new hobbies.

Articles by Lerietan:

From Abundance to Scarcity, the ‘Uga’ Tells Iloilo’s Story

Danggit. Tabagak. Pinakas. Balingon. Lamayo. People might not know what these dried, salty seafood are called, but for purposes of uniformity, many Ilonggos prefer to call it as such: uga. Now that we have already established that Ilonggo heritage cuisine is indeed a real thing (well, according to Chef Tibong Jardeleza, that is), we can count uga as one of.. Read more

Matambok: An Ilonggo’s Short Guide to Eating Talaba