kristine buenavista

Kristine Buenavista is the Co-Founder and Self-development Program Facilitator of Alima Community. She is constantly stalking the slow life.

Articles by Kristine Buenavista:

Marrz Capanang: From Calaparan, the Communities and to Realms of Consciousness

When I first met Marrz, he was gazing out from the bus window looking very sleepy and tired. It was in July of 2012 when I launched a collaboration project with Barotac Viejo National High School, my Alma Mater – every Wednesday, a group of local artists I invited would take over a class to.. Read more

Manicure, Pedicure, Rebond – Artist Jeffrey Guanlao Beyond the Gallery

A Janitor Named “Hudas”

Eating Zen: Ibos and The Modern Struggle

Where Maria lives, the crickets fill the surroundings with full, delightful sounds every four in the afternoon. Where Maria lives, the kitchen is made of wood, soil, dust, fire, old silverwares, soot, and decades. Where Maria lives, there is this crisp October air from the trees which she and her husband have planted. Maria of.. Read more

Ang Bakero: How a Cow Herder Became a Poet

LAKAT: A Walk to School, A Pilgrimage to Dreams

Baylehan in My Mind

Nobody danced alone. The only compasses we had in those evenings: the distant sound of the live ‘combo’ and the light-giving of the moon. I remember how

Nawung ni Lin-ay: A Collage

Momo Dalisay, The HEARTist