joseph batcagan

Joseph Batcagan is the editor and a writer for Project Iloilo.

Articles by Joseph Batcagan:

Attention, Musicians of Iloilo! This is for You!

So, let’s first get to the bad news of the week first: there’s no Ilonggo Popcast this week as originally scheduled. Yep, I can hear the

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Enter the Dragons (and Lions): The Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe of Sun Yat Sen High School

“It’s like Dinagyang never ended”. That was my first thought upon

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Ilonggo Popcast S01E02: Dinagyang Hangover with Ronel Francisco

The Comprehensive (We Think) Dinagyang Festival 2015 Listing of Events

So, Dinagyang weekend is this… err, weekend! And because we’re such nice guys and gals and only care for

It’s a Hard ‘Box’ Life: Stories of Ilonggo Boxers, as Told in 1,500 Words

Ilonggo Popcast S01E01: Angelia Ong