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“Kaon ‘Ta” and MORE Hiligaynon Words for Travelers

This article is is the second of a two-part series. Click here for the first part, “Sa Lugar Lang” and Other Hiligaynon Words for Travelers”. Language plays a big part for a traveler; it may either create a bridge or a barrier to the people, their culture and, more importantly, their place. So, it should.. Read more

An Ilonggo Millennial Takes Up to Chewing ‘Mamâ’

“Sa Lugar Lang” and Other Hiligaynon Words for Travelers

Dear Boy Abunda, I Prefer Showbiz More than Politics

Dearest Tito Boy Abunda, First of all, I would like to apologize to you: I was so disgusted by your show, ‘The Buzz’, when it was still being aired in ABS-CBN. I caught the show every 4 pm every during Sunday after ‘Luv U’. I hated it, even I could offer no reason why. Now,.. Read more

Less of a Filipino: Confessions of an Ilonggo (Ex) Activist

Iloilo City, After Dark

Taking Care of Business: Calle Real’s Role in Local Commerce

Imagine living in the city during the Spanish-American era, where Ilonggos wore suits and bowler hats while they strolled the dusty street of Calle Real. Businesses like banks, textiles and lending services flourished during that time, but the area also played host to merchandise sellers who sold everything from pins and anchors to suits. It was.. Read more

More Parks, Please: Plaza Libertad and a Case for Open Spaces

How Riding a Bus Made Me Enjoy Life as an Ilonggo Again