Attention, Musicians of Iloilo! This is for You!

By joseph batcagan

Ilonggo Popcast ThumbnailSo, let’s first get to the bad news of the week first: there’s no Ilonggo Popcast this week as originally scheduled. Yep, I can hear the booing and the hissing now, and I deserve it for taking the weekend off to attend to some personal matters. But hey, I and the rest of the Project Iloilo peeps will make it up for next week with a brand new episode!

But enough about us: we want to hear more about you, our dear listeners—more specifically, for those of you who happen to play and record music in your spare times.

See, starting with this season’s Episode 4 of Ilonggo Popcast, I started making the call for local musical artists who are interested to have their songs or music featured on the show for a new segment we’re planning called ‘Song of the Week’. It basically works this way: you send us an MP3 demo of your original song, we eventually feature it at some point in the show. Easy enough, right?

Okay, so you’re maybe asking now, “Why should I go to all of trouble of sending you MY music when it’s basically available online?” Well, here’s the long and short answer for it: YouTube and Soundcloud can only do so much for promoting your music. If you want to reach a wider set of listeners who are essentially unfamiliar with your music, then it surely helps if you have a platform which can provide the right exposure and context for promoting your music. We can be that platform who will help you out.

As evidenced by this year’s Ill City Indie Festival and Iloilo Art Festival, this city contains such a depth of musical talent operating in a wide breadth of genres and styles that it’s a shame that not more people know about the musicians of Iloilo. And since we are an Iloilo-based podcast, it should only feel natural for us to feature something other than our (well… mostly my) irritating voice/s. Hence, this is why we’re pushing for a ‘Song of the Week’ segment, and we hope to implement it soon with your help!

And the good thing about this? We’re absolutely open to any artist from ANY genre willing to submit a demo of their work! As long as you or your band is currently unsigned or independent and are doing completely original material, then you’re welcome to pass your song to us! Good music is good music, regardless of style, and I think this fits nicely with the mindset on which Ilonggo Popcast was founded a year ago.

So, do you know of any band, solo musical artist, singer, rapper, DJ, violinist, pianist, harpsichordist, or other what-have-yous who’s interested in getting featured for the show? Or maybe you yourself want to be a part of this whole thing? Either way, you can email us at RIGHT NOW! There are no deadlines for submission, which means that this is an ongoing thing for the moment.

So, have you got all of that? Awesome! Tell your friends about it, then! Here’s to hearing your original tunes on the show soon! Good luck!

Joseph Batcagan is the editor and a writer for Project Iloilo.