As a leading culture and lifestyle online publication based in Iloilo since 2015, Project Iloilo has positioned itself as a leading destination for audiences wanting to discover more about Ilonggo culture. Our stringent creative and editorial approaches to our stories are those that we also apply to brands and businesses who would like to connect with our audience.

Why partner with Project Iloilo?

If you want to have your product or service presented as a high-quality vehicle to a young, brand-savvy audience who cares about ideas and visual presentation

Who is our audience?

Almost 50% are in the 18-44 age bracket
51% are male, which means our message appeals to all genders
Interested in food, travel, local culture, socially conscious ideas, and new developments
Heavy on social media usage
A huge percentage is involved in the creative industry


6,664 likes on Facebook and counting
496 followers on Instagram and counting
Average of over 5,000+ website page views per month?
3,100+ monthly active website users

Services we offer:

Display ads
Have your ads displayed in the most visible areas of the website.

Sponsor an article
Have your brand engage our audience by sponsoring a written story that is related to your business, product or service.

Sponsor a video
Get more eyes and ears glued to your brand with video content created by Project Iloilo.

Sponsor a social media contest
Have our audience get a glimpse of your product or service through engaging with them via a creative contest through our social media channels.

Have your event covered
Get more awareness about how cool your event is. Depending on your needs, Project Iloilo can write, take photos and/or create a short video of your event.


Do you accept x-deals?
That depends on the deal, but we can work something out ;).

What services are right for me?
If you still haven’t decided based on our descriptions above, you can always contact us so we can discuss things further.

Why don’t we promote on our Facebook or social media pages instead?
While anyone can promote on social media these days, what Project Iloilo can offer to your brand is our tailored quality of storytelling and design that people know us for. We can make quality content for your brand that respects its long-term reputation and can be delivered to a discerning audience that already trusts our name.

If you are interested to partner with us, please send us a message at