Project Iloilo is our tribute to Iloilo—specifically, the culture and community that surrounds and continues to inspire it. As an online publication, we are focused on telling stories featuring the people, places, food, lifestyle, and cutting-edge ideas that defines today’s Ilonggo experience in a hyperconnected and multicultural world. Our ultimate aim is to showcase the different layers that makes Iloilo “Iloilo” to both Ilonggos and to everyone else interested in discovering more about how Ilonggos see Iloilo.

As we continue to improve how Project Iloilo presents its stories, we would appreciate feedback that would help with our day-to-day operations. Please feel free to email us at Alternately, you could also reach us through our social media pages at either Facebook or Instagram.

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Joseph Batcagan

Spencer Ravago
Kristine Buenavista
Xtian Lozañes
Glory Moralidad
Harren Fegarido
Marc Belloni
Sheeb Guazo
Jam Lebrilla
Martin Espino
Bambi Capanang
Hermz Gacho
Dwayne Muyuela
Justine Win
Marl Patrick Borro
Riza Ornos
Yen de Felipe
Brynel Sequio



Project Iloilo has featured essays and articles of writers from diverse backgrounds who have chosen to write about Iloilo. Many of our best pieces about Ilonggo culture and community came from the pitches of those writers themselves. While we aim for broad, yet varied, writings about Iloilo, Ilonggo culture and the community, the best way to know for sure if your piece could be published in the website is by reading through our published articles.  

Ideas for pieces that you would like to have published on Project Iloilo can also be submitted beforehand.

As for the content of the contributions, please refer to the following bulletpoints for the guidelines:

• Submissions could be about anything, as long as they have an Iloilo/Ilonggo element.
• Common topics that we publish about are food, travel, lifestyle, and human interest stories. Or better yet, pitch us with an idea that is wholly your own.
• Submissions should ideally be thoroughly well-researched, informative, AND entertaining.
• All drafts are subject to editing and would even be returned for rewriting upon the suggestion of the editor.
• We reserve the right to refuse or withhold the publication of a submission if it does not fit with the creative or editorial direction of the website.
• Submissions centered around time-sensitive topics like events, holidays, or special occasions should be submitted at least two weeks before the said event/s.
• Project Iloilo also retains the right to publish everything that appears on our website or from other websites or blogs that use our content.