Project Iloilo Wants YOU!


Ever wanted to have your voice heard inside the (figurative) pages of Project Iloilo? Well, we recommend you familiarize yourself with these guidelines below to make your whole life a whole lot easier:

Where to begin, though? Well, here’s an easy guideline for anyone wanting to contribute to us:

• Submissions could be about anything, as long as they have an Iloilo/Ilonggo element.
• Curious as to what it may be? Here are examples: food, travel, lifestyle, human interest stories—whatever floats your boat!
• Submissions should ideally be informative AND entertaining. You know, just like what you read in magazines!
• We now accept LITERARY pieces like poems and short stories! Go crazy with whatever subject you’ve got for it!
• All drafts are subject to editing and might even be returned for “rewriting”. Also, submissions could be rescheduled for later publishing.•Bad news: We also have to reject submissions if they don’t fit with the overall direction of the site. 🙁
• Articles containing time-sensitive topics like events, holidays, or special occasions should be submitted at least a week before said event.

Of course, we’re also open to receiving ideas or leads from you. Email whatever you wanna share at!

Got all of that? Okay, now all we have to do is to wait for you to begin. Hey, we’re patient people, too!