Project Iloilo Episodes S01E07: Iloilo Rock Scene (circa 2002 – present)

Project Iloilo Episodes - Ilonggo Rock Scene

| October 24th, 2016


Yes, we’re now officially exposing our bias for rock music in this week’s episode (while, more depressingly, also outing ourselves as “old”). But then again, how could we not? There were so many good bands back then that Iloilo City was practically Rakista Country during the heydays of rap-metal and emo.

For the Gen X-ers and older millennials who were around during what was arguably the “golden years” of Ilonggo rock, this episode should prove to be a treat for you. But if you happen to skew younger, then you’re welcome to stick around; you might get a few music recommendations out of it, at the very least!

Oh, and we’ve got one more episode to go before we wrap this season up, so better stockpile on the downloads for our episodes by clicking here!

Panel: Joseph, Harren
Mital’: A Short History of Iloilo’s Underground Metal Movement
Diet of Wormz: How to be an Influential Metal Band in the City of Love
Ilonggo Popcast S01E10: Surebol

Song of the Week: “Weather Memories” by Analog Audiokid

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Original photo by Xtian Lozañes