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Bakya Mo Neneng: An Ilongga OFW’s Death in Kuwait Proves Why This Song is Still Relevant

joseph batcagan

People have this notion that Ilonggos are gentle people because of our lilting accents. Said accent, it also must be said, can mask a wide array of emotions including sadness, rage, and frustration at the cards life’s hand dealt us with. In this regard, this is probably why folk songs, no matter if younger people.. Read more

How Iloilo Titas Dated Back Then

joseph batcagan

Iloilo on My Mind

dulce maria deriada

The 5 Men You’ll Meet in Iloilo: A Foolproof Guide to Single Women (and Men, Too!)

riza ornos

In a city of more than a million people, it is hard to find an authentic connection, especially if you are not a local. And in a city like Iloilo, one must know the right place and the right people to be able to find the perfect crowd to hang out with. If you are.. Read more

What Makes an Ilonggo Video “Viral”?

joseph batcagan

Manicure, Pedicure, Rebond – Artist Jeffrey Guanlao Beyond the Gallery

kristine buenavista

5 Things I Learned from an Ilonggo Poet’s Writing Workshop at Age 24

brynel sequio

It was past 4pm and the jeepneys rallied in an array as kids rushed out from Iloilo Central School. My feet thumped along with the traffic light counter, impatiently waiting for the red light to turn green. It was the first day of my workshop for creative writing. Like every first, it’s always a struggle… Read more

Dagyang, Videoke, Paupas: How Baylehans Are Known Today

joseph batcagan

The Cursed Man of Jereos

debbie bartolo