After Closure: An Ilonggo’s Retrospective on “Old” Boracay

Armand Tajanlangit

It was the first morning of the closure. As soon as I stepped out of my room and through Boracay Terraces, my family’s resort on Station One since 1986, something felt already different. While I wanted to walk to the other end of the white beach to see how it looked like without the tourists,.. Read more

Home is Where the “Art” Is: Iloilo Houses Show Where Art Lives

debbie bartolo

Project Iloilo Episodes S01E03: (Ir)Responsible Tourism

project iloilo

Tourism is Overrated: How “Volunteering” in Bucari is Better

xtian lozañes

With its iconic pine trees and cool temperature, Bucari is not known as the “Little Baguio” of Iloilo for nothing.

How Riding a Bus Made Me Enjoy Life as an Ilonggo Again

Harren Fegarido

The Guerilla Travel Guide for Ilonggos

Harren Fegarido

9 Tips from a Sloppy Traveler

justine win

Ilonggos love to travel. With the wealth of churches, beaches, mountains, and whatever hole-in-the-wall secret surrounding Iloilo on both ends of Panay