This Bonifacio Statue in Tanza has a Crazy (yet Plausible) History

joseph batcagan

I attended a talk on Panay oral traditions last weekend. Prof. Eliodora Labos – Dimzon, one of the presenters who tackled Visayan folklore, mentioned how our stories seem to carry more weight if it’s transmitted orally. As an example, she pointed out how tsimis spreads quicker, even though common sense is screaming right at our.. Read more

Now, What to Do About Regent Theater?

joseph batcagan

A Bike Ride to Remind Ilonggos to be “Dahan-Dahan” on the Road

Jacob Bravo

Creepy Ilonggo Tales: The Whispering Guest

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Inspired by our first collection of (supposedly) real creepy stories from our readers, we collaborated with our friends from Creepy Ilonggo to run a series of tales submitted by their readers for the Halloween/Pista Minatay season.     As such, please note that the content and media used in this post is from a story originally.. Read more

Creepy Ilonggo Tales: My Unpleasant Stay

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Creepy Ilonggo Tales: Possessed by Evil Spirits

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Iloilo City Guide: Jaro

Patricia Tan

Jaro is one of the largest districts in Iloilo City. In the past few years, it has been experiencing rapid development, like the sudden rise of large-scale malls mirroring what is also happening in the rest of the province. With that in mind, it is important to remember how rich Jaro is in terms of.. Read more

“Authentic” Versus “Gutom”: We Taste-Test Mesa Iloilo’s Best Dishes

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Couch Sessions Present Poetika

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