Manicure, Pedicure, Rebond – Artist Jeffrey Guanlao Beyond the Gallery

kristine buenavista

The clouds were reflected in every puddle I looked at on my way to meet Jeffrey Guanlao at his home in Brgy. Santa Cruz. What synchronicity. I usually see clouds in his paintings – they evoke this distant melancholia; this sense of sonder that hurts a bit. This ache of nostalgia that bends and melts… Read more

The Cursed Man of Jereos

debbie bartolo

10 Non-Ilonggos Tell Us What They Love About Iloilo

riza ornos

Ilonggos Share Their New Year’s Resolutions, and How They Maintained Them

joseph batcagan

You know what’s the most gasgas thing you would hear this week? It’s “I promise I’m going to be [INSERT LIFE-CHANGING DECISION] starting this New Year.” Oh yes, we know that changing an aspect of your life for whatever reason is hard; it’s why New Year’s resolutions are almost always bound to fail. Because really,.. Read more

Iloilo’s Top ‘Magic’ Player Shows Ilonggos Why They Should Play the Game

asai solis

Ilonggos Share Creepy School Stories for ‘Pista Minatay’

joseph batcagan

‘Hapo’ and ‘Hapu’: Peter Solis Nery’s “Hiligaynon Revolution” to Making Ilonggo Cool Again

joseph batcagan

Where do we start talking about Peter Solis Nery? Should we start with the 20-plus books, the poems, the plays and the screenplays he wrote, many of which won Palancas (to be fair to him, he ain’t the only Ilonggo to win one, by the way) and other awards? How about his acting and directing.. Read more

4 VERY Ilonggo Qualities of Miriam Defensor-Santiago

martin espino

“I Campaigned for Miriam”: An Ilongga’s Close Encounter with Miriam Defensor-Santiago

yen de felipe