Chef Tibong Promotes Ilonggo Heritage by Getting You Hungry

joseph batcagan

The food we eat tells us who we are as a people. As Ilonggos, we don’t find it surprising to see our food have a distinctive connection to our culture. But more importantly, food also reflects the soul of our society. Kare-kare, sinigang, pancit molo, or KBL can be proud symbols of one’s ethnicity. Chef.. Read more

LoCo HQ Opens in Iloilo City

Andrea Ortega Guanco

The Cheap Ilonggo’s Guide to: Buying Merienda in Central Market

Megan Cortez

Tsokolate: Inside Cabatuan’s Handmade Tablea Factory

joseph batcagan

I know it’s getting hard to remember any social good brought about by the modern internet, but bringing back the tablea—and other traditional Filipino products of its ilk—wouldn’t have been possible if many of us weren’t assiduous uploaders of #FoodPorn on our Facebook and Instagram pages. And Ilonggo cuisine, without hyperbole, is a big recipient.. Read more

“Mamista Kami”: A Maldita’s Guide to Polite Fiesta Etiquette for Guests

glory moralidad

Matambok: An Ilonggo’s Short Guide to Eating Talaba

Lerie Tan

An Ilongga Confesses to 5 Things She Loves about Iloilo City

riza ornos

Iloilo City has been called by many names. Although she delights to be called as the ‘City of Love’, don’t make the mistake of calling it as the “Paris” of Asia. Rather, this is city who prides herself chiefly as the home to 447,992 Ilonggos. A thriving city full of dreamers, Iloilo is a truly.. Read more

Project Iloilo Episodes S01E02: (Street) Food Trip

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Ilonggo Veganism: Pros, Cons and What You Need To Know

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