An Ilongga Confesses to 5 Things She Loves about Iloilo City

riza ornos

Iloilo City has been called by many names. Although she delights to be called as the ‘City of Love’, don’t make the mistake of calling it as the “Paris” of Asia. Rather, this is city who prides herself chiefly as the home to 447,992 Ilonggos. A thriving city full of dreamers, Iloilo is a truly.. Read more

Project Iloilo Episodes S01E02: (Street) Food Trip

project iloilo

Ilonggo Veganism: Pros, Cons and What You Need To Know

sheeber joyce

Grow Your Food: An Ilonggo’s Short Guide to Kitchen Gardening

marc belloni

Planting local herbs and vegetables like basil, malunggay, lemongrass, peppers and the like in family homes and gardens are just one of the perks of provincial life. Despite the urban development of Iloilo City, the local knowledge behind these methods have proven to be easily transmissible to the next generation of Ilonggos. Of course, we.. Read more

Eating Zen: Ibos and The Modern Struggle

kristine buenavista

8 ‘Traditional Medicines’ Ilonggos Grew Up With

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Ilonggo Bucket List: Camiña Balay Nga Bato

spencer ravago

 Ilonggo Bucket List is an ongoing series that hopes to showcase the Ilonggo experience, one place or activity at a time. For more Ilonggo Bucket List articles, check out the archives. I’ve got to get something off my chest: Old, Spanish-style houses creep me out. I guess it’s due to watching my fair share of local.. Read more

Taste Test: Trying Out Freska’s Ilonggo Buffet

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Ilonggo Bucket List: Buho Bakery

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