“Makaon Bala Ina?”: Why ‘Arte sa Kalye’ can Influence “Common Ilonggos” to Appreciate Art

joseph batcagan

“Makaon na bala ina? [Can it be eaten?]” Present art to any Ilonggo you encounter on the street, and this is probably the response you’ll be getting in return. Sure, it’s an unfair generalization, and it’s one that calls to mind deposed president Joseph Estrada’s inaugural “common tao” speech (“roof over their heads, food on.. Read more

The Science of ‘Tapungulay’: The Rise (and Possible Future) of Ilonggo MMA

spencer ravago

Bulls on Parade: Pavia’s Carabao Carroza Festival in Photos

martin espino

Cycling In The City: Scenes from the Iloilo Bike Festival

xtian lozañes

For all the people who have gathered in Iloilo Megaword Business Park for the 2nd Iloilo Bike Festival last May 1-2, 2015

Iloilo Grand Dota 2 Championship: It’s a Freakin’ War

justine win

Oras Para sa Kalibutan (Earth Hour)

hermz gacho

An Experience with Wicked

justine win

So much happened before Dorothy dropped in. Everyone knows about the Wizard of Oz, but what about the untold story of the Witches of Oz? This is what the UPV Choristers

Paraw Regatta: Through the Lens of Two Photographers (Photo Essay)

martin espino

Rampage at the Old Runway for Ilonggo Fashionistas

bambi capanang