“Good Syat”: 10 Simple Tips for Shooting The Dinagyang Street Parade

xtian lozañes

Well, January is here again, and we’re at that time of the year when Iloilo City is alive to the beat of the drums and the dances of color. As almost every Ilonggo knows, this is the month we celebrate the Dinagyang Festival and, for this year 2016, the festival has so much to offer… Read more

INFOGRAPHIC: Dinagyang Survival Guide

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Project Iloilo’s Christmas Lights Tour

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Sine Marathon: The Ilonggos’ Primer for CineKasimanwa 2015

xtian lozañes

CineKasimanwa: The Western Visayas Film Festival is just on its third year, but it has arguably grown bigger and better than before. With an official festival theme boasting “Lokal is International”, Iloilo’s last month of 2015 comes with a promising line-up of locally-made films (most of which were produced just this year) and a few.. Read more

“Makaon Bala Ina?”: Why ‘Arte sa Kalye’ can Influence “Common Ilonggos” to Appreciate Art

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The Science of ‘Tapungulay’: The Rise (and Possible Future) of Ilonggo MMA

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Bulls on Parade: Pavia’s Carabao Carroza Festival in Photos

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The Carabao Carroza Festival traditionally starts with the parade of eighteen muses representing the

Cycling In The City: Scenes from the Iloilo Bike Festival

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Iloilo Grand Dota 2 Championship: It’s a Freakin’ War

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