Best Moments of Urban Baylehan 2017 (as Seen by Us)

project iloilo

Another year, another Urban Baylehan in the books by Project Iloilo. It’s been a tiring weekend not just for us organizers and volunteers, but also for the venue staff and stallholders who had to “hold the fort” along with us. And of course, we also have to address the very big elephant in the room:.. Read more

Your Yearly Reminder on Why a ‘Bayle’ May Make Things Better

project iloilo

That Time a Frenchman went to VIVA ExCon

marc belloni

Ilonggos Share Creepy School Stories for ‘Pista Minatay’

joseph batcagan

Iloilo is where the macabre gets celebrated as actual holidays. As proof, we’ve got a man who played ‘Hudas’ and hung himself for real during a Good Friday. And we haven’t even gotten to the bloody taltal yet. So, it shouldn’t come as exaggeration that one of the holidays that can actually rival Christmas in.. Read more

So You Wanna Negosyo?: Stories from Ilonggo Entrepreneurs on the Front Lines

joseph batcagan

Project Iloilo Episodes S01E04.5: PechaKucha Mini-episode

project iloilo

PechaKucha Night Iloilo Vol. 2: Previewing the 7 Ilonggo Presenters

project iloilo

Ever since Project Iloilo started last year—good god, we’re getting old—one of the statements we made is to not be a “lifestyle pages” clone; we aimed the website to be a platform for “celebrating Ilonggo culture in ALL of its aspects” (and if you somehow missed our launch editorial, you’ve got some major catching-up to.. Read more

A Good Friday: Of Saints and Devotion in Molo

xtian lozañes

San Joaquin’s Pasungay-Pahibag: A Raw Display of Power and Masculinity

martin espino