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Ambot 101: A Foreigner’s Survival Guide to Speaking Ilonggo

Joel Roth

As a foreigner living in Iloilo for four years, I’ve learned how to not be so “foreign.” To me, this adjective connotes to a foreigner who still hasn’t quite blended in. This could be anything from how they dress, carry themselves or, in this instance, how much of the language they still have to learn.. Read more

Kings of the Road: How Jeepneys can Boost Tourism in Iloilo

vernan jagunap

Tsokolate: Inside Cabatuan’s Handmade Tablea Factory

joseph batcagan

This Ilonggo-Made Boracay Documentary Confronts our Prejudices on Atis & IPs

joseph batcagan

A very Iloilo thing happened during the lead-up to the premiere of ‘Pagmuklat: Lugta Ke Tamama (Land of God)’: A friend saw me share the event poster on my Facebook feed, and then proceeded to send me a message to say that one of the subjects from the documentary, Dexter Condez, happened to be their.. Read more

How Iloilo Titas Dated Back Then

joseph batcagan

Iloilo on My Mind

dulce maria deriada

What Makes an Ilonggo Video “Viral”?

joseph batcagan

Unless you deliberately didn’t open your Facebook account during the last year, you might have encountered this video below: So, let’s get this straight: Yes, I also happen to be one of the 5 million who viewed ‘Kabalan sa Salakyan’ when it was initially posted. With its abrupt cuts and catchphrases (and making “… is.. Read more

Dagyang, Videoke, Paupas: How Baylehans Are Known Today

joseph batcagan

10 Non-Ilonggos Tell Us What They Love About Iloilo

riza ornos