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This Bonifacio Statue in Tanza has a Crazy (yet Plausible) History

joseph batcagan

I attended a talk on Panay oral traditions last weekend. Prof. Eliodora Labos – Dimzon, one of the presenters who tackled Visayan folklore, mentioned how our stories seem to carry more weight if it’s transmitted orally. As an example, she pointed out how tsimis spreads quicker, even though common sense is screaming right at our.. Read more

Now, What to Do About Regent Theater?

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Iloilo City Guide: Jaro

Patricia Tan

‘Goyo’ is Restrained, but Also Just as #Hugot as ‘Heneral Luna’

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As a sequel to the commercially successful 2015 film, ‘Heneral Luna’, ‘Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral’ explores similar themes with the former. Like ‘Luna’, ‘Goyo’ is also a tragic epic on the life of a young general from Philippine history caught in the middle of parochial politics, romantic partners, and responsibilities that seemed to be far.. Read more

Miagao: A Day Trip

Patricia Tan

5 Ilonggo Heroes You Should Look Up On Independence Day

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What Would Iloilo in the 1900s Look Like with the ‘Arellano Plan’?

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The Philippines is famous for a lot of things: food, beaches, people, basically all the things one might expect from a “Choose Philippines” advertisement. One that is less-touted, however, is our propensity for poor urban planning. All things considered, Iloilo City might be better off compared to its much chaotic counterparts in Manila and other.. Read more

After Closure: An Ilonggo’s Retrospective on “Old” Boracay

Armand Tajanlangit

I Miss What Iloilo Fiestas Used to Be

Allyn May Canja