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Attention, Musicians of Iloilo! This is for You!

joseph batcagan

So, let’s first get to the bad news of the week first: there’s no Ilonggo Popcast this week as originally scheduled. Yep, I can hear the

A Brief History of ‘Sine’: Iloilo Cinema & Movie Houses from the Late 19th Century and Beyond

glory moralidad

Rampage at the Old Runway for Ilonggo Fashionistas

bambi capanang

Iloilo Art Festival 2015: Here Are the Things You Missed

marc belloni

So this is it. The second edition of the Iloilo Art Festival just happened. These two days have been a showcase of many aspects of

Ilonggo Popcast S01E04: Joey Ayala

joseph batcagan

Marketing Culture: Why Iloilo Art Festival 2015 Can Show There’s ‘Art’ in Daily Life 

marc belloni

Momo Dalisay, The HEARTist

kristine buenavista

I don’t know how it’s like with the rest of those whose lives he has touched right from the moment they met him. But to me, the first day I met him in person was in a crowded

Ill City Indie Festival 2015: The City of Love Knows How to Be “Aggressive”, Too

dwayne muyuela

Doodle Jam: The Revolution, as It Happens on Paper

jam lebrilla