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Marrz Capanang: From Calaparan, the Communities and to Realms of Consciousness

kristine buenavista

When I first met Marrz, he was gazing out from the bus window looking very sleepy and tired. It was in July of 2012 when I launched a collaboration project with Barotac Viejo National High School, my Alma Mater – every Wednesday, a group of local artists I invited would take over a class to.. Read more

Bakya Mo Neneng: An Ilongga OFW’s Death in Kuwait Proves Why This Song is Still Relevant

joseph batcagan

What Makes an Ilonggo Video “Viral”?

joseph batcagan

Manicure, Pedicure, Rebond – Artist Jeffrey Guanlao Beyond the Gallery

kristine buenavista

The clouds were reflected in every puddle I looked at on my way to meet Jeffrey Guanlao at his home in Brgy. Santa Cruz. What synchronicity. I usually see clouds in his paintings – they evoke this distant melancholia; this sense of sonder that hurts a bit. This ache of nostalgia that bends and melts… Read more

5 Things I Learned from an Ilonggo Poet’s Writing Workshop at Age 24

brynel sequio

Home is Where the “Art” Is: Iloilo Houses Show Where Art Lives

debbie bartolo

Make Communities, Not Just “Scenes”

joseph batcagan

To gauge how Iloilo City now has a culture that rivals most metropolitan areas in the country, you only have to be aware of the different “scenes” existing here today: art; rock; literature; fashion; filmmaking; food. Name it, and there’s one that has probably popped up somewhere. Thankfully, many blogs and even established publications came.. Read more

Artivism [iloilo]: Social Media and Society (Huring-huring)

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Your Yearly Reminder on Why a ‘Bayle’ May Make Things Better

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