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Diet of Wormz: How to be an Influential Metal Band in the City of Love

marc belloni

There are just some things that rarely last beyond high school years—even rock bands. However, Ian Sajo (vocalist) and Melvon Posadas (guitar)—along with former members Jerson (bass), Daniel (lead guitar), Makoy (drums), and Kutz (vocals)—seemed to be the exceptions; they formed Diet of Wormz back in 2002 and, unlike most Ilonggo bands who started out.. Read more

‘Ginauhaw Ako, Ginagutom Ako’ and our Obsession with “Old” Iloilo

joseph batcagan

Sine Marathon: The Ilonggos’ Primer for CineKasimanwa 2015

xtian lozañes

Hablon: For Love of the Weave

jam lebrilla

Hablon is a heritage industry in Iloilo. By this, I mean that the making of hablon is not just a means of livelihood, it is also a culture, a tradition, an irreplaceable fragment in the whole that is Iloilo. It is like our churches, our food, and our language. It is ours to use and,.. Read more

“Makaon Bala Ina?”: Why ‘Arte sa Kalye’ can Influence “Common Ilonggos” to Appreciate Art

joseph batcagan

‘Mital’: A Short History of Iloilo’s Underground Metal Movement

joseph batcagan

Ilonggos Should Give a Damn About Ilonggo Books

glory moralidad

We often don’t read, but when we do, we read for pleasure. And we satisfy our “lust” for reading by, of course, buying books.

Ang Bakero: How a Cow Herder Became a Poet

kristine buenavista

Tourism is Overrated: How “Volunteering” in Bucari is Better

xtian lozañes