xtian lozañes

Xtian Lozañes is a multimedia artist and a photographer. His works are at https://ilostrado.wordpress.com/.

Articles by Xtian Lozañes:

A Good Friday: Of Saints and Devotion in Molo

It was past three in the afternoon when Molo Plaza slowly came to life on a hot Friday. People showed up from all directions, but all of them had a singular goal: to silently walk their way towards Santa Ana Parish. A few vendors, almost on cue, lined up along the plaza to sell stuff.. Read more

“Good Syat”: 10 Simple Tips for Shooting The Dinagyang Street Parade

Sine Marathon: The Ilonggos’ Primer for CineKasimanwa 2015

Tourism is Overrated: How “Volunteering” in Bucari is Better

With its iconic pine trees and cool temperature, Bucari is not known as the “Little Baguio” of Iloilo for nothing.

Harvesting Salt in Leganes is Backbreaking Work

Cycling In The City: Scenes from the Iloilo Bike Festival

An Afternoon Making ‘Ginamos’ in Tigbauan’s Fishing Barrio

Barangays Barroc and Atabayan of Tigbauan are located roughly an hour away from Iloilo City

SketchCrawl Culture: Taking Ilonggo Art Back to the “Streets”