Sheeb Guazo

Sheeb Guazo is a writer for Project Iloilo.

Articles by Sheeb Guazo

A Dog-lover's Cry - Project Iloilo

A Dog Lover’s Cry

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by…

Horizon Cafe - Project Iloilo

Resto Hopping: Horizon Cafe

Hola, non-acrophobics! There’s this contemporary restaurant in Iloilo City which is located on…

Ilonggo Food - Project Iloilo

Gastric Pulse: Which Ilonggo Food Do You Miss The Most?

The flavors of home bring comfort to the soul. No matter where you…

Authentic Korean Food in Iloilo: A Zest of Kangbyeon Resto

The thing about being a food enthusiast is your standards go beyond the…

Dinagyang Food Fest - Project Iloilo

Dinagyang Food Fest: Traversing the Crowded Streets for Food

Foodies think about food 24/7. The impenetrable streets that go with the yearly…

Foodie in Paradise - Project Iloilo

Foodie in Paradise: Amazed by Iloilo Terminal Market

Philippines is fun but living in an archipelago has its drawbacks; you don’t…