Sheeb Guazo

Sheeb Guazo is a writer for Project Iloilo.

Articles by Sheeb Guazo

Christmas Lights Tour - Project Iloilo

Project Iloilo’s Christmas Lights Tour

Christmas and New Year are probably the biggest and most important holidays among…

Ilonggo Veganism - Project Iloilo

Ilonggo Veganism: Pros, Cons and What You Need To Know

Most people who change from the usual meat-based diet to being vegetarians, do…

Traditional Ilonggo Medicines - Project Iloilo

8 ‘Traditional Medicines’ Ilonggos Grew Up With

Growing up in the countryside in the 1990s has its perks: one, you…

Freska Ilonggo Buffet - Project Iloilo

Taste Test: Trying Out Freska’s Ilonggo Buffet

This food trip started when a friend asked, “Which restaurant in Iloilo City…

Gastric Pulse: Rainy Season Ilonggo Food - Project Iloilo

Gastric Pulse: Which Ilonggo Food Do You Crave The Most When It Rains?

When July hits, typhoons come one after the other, work and classes get…

KBL: Kadyos Baboy Langka - Project Iloilo

KBL: The (Food-Related) Acronym That Every Ilonggo Knows

KBL, according to the code of the International Air Transport Association, stands for…

Tatay - Father's Day - Project Iloilo

4 Tatays, As Described By Their Loved Ones

They work hard. They provide. They sacrifice for their family. They don’t talk…

Nora's Eatery at Aduana - Project Iloilo

Nora’s Eatery: Stories of Love and Cooking from Aduana

“Kaon ‘ta sa Aduana” [Let’s eat at Aduana] was my mother’s definition of…

Canteloupe & Watermelon - Project Iloilo

Summer Eats: Cantaloupe and Watermelon

It’s the third week of April and the searing summer heat is undeniably…