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ADCON 2018: Thumb-stopping, Heart-winning!

In today’s digital world, we live in the age of interaction through social media. We encounter tons of different information everyday as we conveniently see them on our mobile gadgets. However, only a few of them could make our thumbs stop from scrolling through, and fewer are those that can win hearts. Thus, we’re inviting.. Read more

Best Moments of Urban Baylehan 2017 (as Seen by Us)

Your Yearly Reminder on Why a ‘Bayle’ May Make Things Better

Project Iloilo Episodes S01E08: What’s an Ilonggo?

Eight (and a half) episodes, and we’re already signing out! But before that, we turn to the one question that has no definite answer, but was one that we still tried to answer in this episode because we can’t help but be stubborn debaters: specifically, just what exactly is an Ilonggo? Is there still such.. Read more

Project Iloilo Episodes S01E07: Iloilo Rock Scene (circa 2002 – present)

Project Iloilo Episodes S01E06: FM Radio

Project Iloilo Episodes S01E05: Responsible Social Media

Facebook’s getting really noisy these days, right? We’re sure we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed about the toxicity of misinformation trawling our feeds these days. So, the PIE crew is doing the only responsible thing it can do: by acting like your parents and giving you tips on why you need to post responsibly… Read more

Project Iloilo Episodes S01E04.5: PechaKucha Mini-episode

PechaKucha Night Iloilo Vol. 2: Previewing the 7 Ilonggo Presenters